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3 Essentials You Need to Consider When Looking for a Storage Space

Written on: May 29th, 2019

Have you ever experienced a disgusting storage space where you cringe as the door opens? The floor is covered in dust and the walls are filthy. Spider webs adorn the corners and a shrivelled-up mouse is laying at your feet, eek! You don’t want to store your furniture and other prized possessions in this mess. Stop taking storage spaces lightly and start researching to make sure you have the best space for your belongings.

What do you need to consider when looking for storage space?

1. Cleanliness

When looking for a storage unit, it is best to physically check it out before entering into a contract and submitting your payment. Make sure the floors, walls, and any possible shelving are clean. The last user of the space could have stored something that could transfer to your items – like bugs, toxins or fluids.

Carefully examine the entryway to the storage space as this is a good indicator of how well the entire property is maintained. A clean storage space means that your stuff will remain clean and ready to use when you need to access it.

A dirty storage area shows a lack of care for the facility. If the managers disregard the property, they will likely disregard any of your concerns, or questions should something arise.

A clean space means a positive experience. Go ahead, run your finger across the walls to make sure they are clean. Alberta Storage Place hand washes all the walls before a unit is turned over to a new customer.

2. Secure

Not only do you want your items in storage to be clean but you want to make sure they are secure. Security is very important when it comes to storage space. When you want to access your belongings, you want to make sure no one has rummaged through them or worse, something is missing. How do you make sure the storage unit is a secure one?

  • Look for security cameras that monitor the outside and inside of the facility, so intrusions are less likely to occur. Should something happen, there will be a permanent record of the event to investigate further.
  • Check for a gate at the storage facility entrance. The gate should have a key code or card key access making it very difficult for unauthorized people to get in.
  • Your storage door should be made of strong materials, have a secure locking device and be void of any gaps that make it easy for others to break in.
  • You may need to have a friend get something for you. There should be some sort of system to authorize someone, other than yourself, to access your storage unit. You can inform the staff at the storage facility of the names of specific people whom you have authorized to access your space.
  • Look for optimum lighting at the storage facility to ensure anything shady can be easily identified. Lots of bright lighting allows you to be safer too. You will easily see other people in the facility without being surprised by someone sneaking up behind you.
  • Find a storage facility that has random security patrols to ensure the facility is secure after hours.

Your storage space should make you feel safe. This unit is your contents’ home away from home.

3. Affordable

Make sure the unit you are using is affordable for your needs. Take time to see if you are paying an appropriate amount for the size of space offered and stick within your budget. Key questions to ask about a storage facility are if there are administrative charges, mandatory insurance and if these renew every 4 weeks or monthly. You may need the space longer than anticipated, so be prepared with a rate you can live with.

A storage space offering deals is a great bonus! Offers range from free pick-up and delivery to a discount on the first month’s rate.

Find a storage unit that works for your life. Whether you are moving and need some temporary space or travelling and have items to store for an extended period of time, a clean, affordable, and secure storage space is important.

Take the time to make sure your storage place checks off everything on your list.

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