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4 Benefits of Using Self-Storage to Store Seasonal Sports Equipment and Gear

Written on: May 5th, 2022

With the winter over and spring well on the way, it is time to bring out your bikes, golf clubs, and other warm-weather sports gear and equipment. Your winter equipment will likely not be used again until later in the year. These items can take up valuable space in your home while not being used. If you need a place to store your off-season equipment, self-storage is a great option.

Here are 4 benefits of using self-storage:

Frees up space in your home

Do you have seasonal items such as sports equipment cluttering your home? A great way to free up space is by using a small self-storage unit to store the items you are not using. If you need more living space, it does not make sense to keep ski, snowboarding, and hockey equipment in your home year-round. An offsite self-storage unit is the best option to keep your extra items. Self-storage helps you declutter your home or living space.

Self-storage is convenient

Using self-storage in SE Calgary, you can access your unit any time between 5:30AM – 10:30PM. This includes during the weekend and 365/year. Any time you need to get something out of your storage unit, you can access it. Getting a storage unit on ground level with no stairs or elevators to climb means easy access. Make sure the storage facility has push carts and dollies available to make moving your belongings easier. You can access your small storage unit when you need it and effortlessly move items in and out.

Security features of self-storage

Your sports equipment is very valuable to you, and you want to ensure it is safe. Our self-storage facility in SE Calgary has:

  • A fully fenced perimeter
  • Access only through the main gate
  • A secure swipe card system to gain access to the gate and storage building
  • Mobile security patrols that come into the facility outside of office hours for extra protection

Additionally, you put your own lock on the unit so only you have access in and out of your storage unit.

Short-term lease

Many people ask if they need to sign a long-term contract as they don’t want to get locked into a commitment. This is one of the advantages of renting a self-storage unit. You are on a month-to-month lease which means if your plans change down the road, it is no problem. All you need to do is give one month’s notice prior to the beginning of any month to move out. If you end up needing a larger self-storage unit, you can switch units easily if there is availability. This short-term lease gives you peace of mind.

Final thoughts

There are many advantages to storing your offseason sports equipment and other seasonal items in storage. It helps you to free up space in your home, offers a convenient solution, there are security features to keep your belongings safe, and self-storage is on a month-to-month lease. Renting a small self-storage in SE Calgary is a great solution for storing your offseason sports gear and equipment.

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