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4 Key Reasons Businesses Use Small Storage Units

Written on: June 9th, 2022

Have you thought about how a small self-storage locker in Calgary could help your business? We are going to share some of our ideas on how to free up space in your office and make inventory and files accessible to the employees that need it. Businesses can use small storage units for many different purposes. We are going to share 4 key reasons for your business to use a small storage unit.

1. File storage

There are many requirements to store company files for a defined period. This is required by both the CRA and professional organizations. It is important to make sure you know what the file retention requirements are for your business. Using a small storage locker to keep files frees up valuable office space. Even though you seldom need to access the files, you must keep them and have easy access in the event the files are needed. Having them in a convenient, secure location in SE Calgary close to your office ensures easy access.

2. Tools

A small storage unit is an ideal solution to store the expensive tools you have, especially if you are a tradesperson or a serial handyman. If you want to ensure the tools are secure and out of site a small storage locker is the ideal solution. This way they are not taking up room in your home, garage, or vehicle if you have limited space.

3. Satellite office in Calgary

Do you have just one employee in Calgary, and they have inventory and marketing material that needs to be stored securely? A small self-storage unit is the ideal solution to ensure items can be readily available but out of the way at the same time. This is very important if your employee is in a shared living arrangement or does not have the space to store work items. Selecting a self-storage unit conveniently located in SE Calgary and accessible from all parts of the city is important.

4. Inventory and merchandise

Do you have various people that need access to inventory, supplies, and merchandise? A small self-storage unit is an ideal solution. Whether you are a paramedic, not-for-profit, local business owner, or setting up a business in Calgary, a small storage locker can address these issues.

In summary, a small storage unit can be very useful to your business for several reasons. Whether you need it for file storage, tools, inventory, or merchandise it offers a secure convenient option for extra space. It is added value if the locker is conveniently located in SE Calgary, accessible from all quadrants of the city, making it easy for employees or volunteers to access.

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