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4 Reasons Self Storage Is Ideal for Year-End File Storage

Written on: January 13th, 2022

At the end of each year, accountants, lawyers, architects, dentists, house builders, professionals, and any business needing to keep records pack up files and store them, making room for the coming year. There is only so much room in the office for file storage. The CRA requires you to store records for tax purposes for 7 years and professional organizations have various other requirements for file retention.

If you are running out of room for files in your office, self storage is an excellent alternative.

1. Records Management

If you are a small-to-medium-sized business, you do not need a records management company to file, archive, and retrieve your files. You can create a simple file system and store all of your records in a secure storage locker and manage it yourself. List all of your files and where they are located in the storage unit. Self storage in SE Calgary is a cost-effective option for file storage.

2. Free Up Office Space

People are heading back to the office and many businesses are booming. It is time to put the files off-site in a small or medium size self storage unit in SE Calgary and free up the valuable office space so your employees can collaborate. Placing files offsite in a self storage unit provides extra space for team members to work together.

3. File Retention

File retention is required for any business filing tax returns, as a minimum. CRA has a whole section on file retention and what is required. You can access the information here. There are specific requirements by professional bodies for file retention for each profession. Storing files offsite in a self storage facility in SE Calgary ensure your files are retained and yet out of the way.

4. Secure File Storage

It can be costly to have enough locking file cabinets to store all files under lock and key. Storing files in a self storage unit in Calgary provides secure storage – only you have access to the files. Once the files are stored in the storage unit, the only person having access is the person placing them in storage.

In conclusion, self storage in central SE Calgary can provide great benefits including extra space, extra security, and ensuring your files are available and accessible when you need them. Self storage offers a cost-effective alternative with various terms. You can store short-term or long-term. Start the year off right by boxing up last year’s files and placing the files you need to keep but don’t need access to in a self storage locker.

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