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4 Reasons Self-Storage is the Ideal Solution for Snowbirds

Written on: November 4th, 2021

With the Canada-US land border opening for fully vaccinated Canadians on November 8, many snowbirds are eager to travel south for the winter. For most, travelling was not an option last year which means the demand to travel is high this fall. Snowbirds are looking to escape the cooler Canadian falls and winters to travel somewhere warm until the spring arrives.

Many snowbirds need a place to store their vehicles while they are away. Others may need a secure heated solution to store personal valuables. Here are 4 ways self-storage is a great solution for snowbirds while away from Calgary.

Self-Storage has a Variety of Options

Some snowbirds may prefer to have their vehicles stored in an indoor covered storage unit. Others are fine leaving their vehicles outdoors for the winter. With self-storage in SE Calgary, there are a variety of solutions to meet customers’ individual needs. There are drive-up storage solutions the size of a single-car garage or individual spots outdoors for vehicles. There are heated units available for personal valuables in small and medium sizes.

Security Features

Whether storing small items or big items, there is peace of mind knowing they are secure. Many snowbirds need a place to keep their smaller electronics and other valuables safe. If it is for your vehicle, you also want peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in a secure location.

Features of Self-Storage in SE Calgary include a fully-fenced facility with key card-only access, CCTV surveillance, and security patrols. One tip for knowing the security of a self-storage facility is by asking the manager or reading online reviews. When customers have a good or bad experience at a facility, they will let others know.

Extra Services

Snowbirds want to ensure their vehicle will start when they come back to Calgary in the spring. You can sign a key holder agreement with some self-storage facilities. They will start your vehicle regularly to ensure the battery is holding its charge. If you have a cover or tarp on your vehicle, it may blow off in the wind. The manager can update you by email or phone so a family member or friend can come to secure the cover for you.

Convenience of Self Storage

For snowbirds who are currently renting a home and need somewhere to put their household belongings, self-storage is a convenient solution. You put all your belongings in self-storage knowing only you have access to the storage unit (or a family member or friend you leave the key with). You place your own lock on the unit, so you know your belongings are protected while you are away from Calgary.

Even if you own a place, you may consider placing some of your more important valuables in a secure storage unit while you are away for extra protection. If you are renting your unit out for the winter, placing your personal items in storage ensures they are secure.

Final Thoughts

Snowbirds travel to the United States and other warm countries every year to escape the cold weather. Many are looking for a secure solution to store vehicles and personal belongings. Self-Storage is the perfect solution with the variety of options, security features, and extra services they can offer.

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