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4 Reasons Students Use Self-Storage

Written on: March 17th, 2022

It is once again that time of the year when University and College students are finishing final exams. Many will be going away for the spring and summer to work, visit family or head off to graduate studies. Students often need a place to store their belongings when leaving Calgary. This can be short-term or long-term.

Here are 4 reasons self-storage in Calgary is a great solution for students storing furniture, books, gear, electronics, and other items.

1. Affordable

Students are looking for an affordable solution that can fit in their budget. Self-storage can help as the leases are month-to-month with no long-term commitment. This means you pay one month at a time. There are often promotions for students to help them save money and keep the cost to store down.

Search for a self-storage in SE Calgary where there are no sign-up fees or other hidden fees. If you move in during the middle of the month, the first month is prorated meaning you only pay for the days you use the storage unit. If you need long-term storage, your rate is locked in for a year.

2. Security

You want to ensure your belongings are taken care of while away. The last thing you need to worry about is how safe your items are. With self-storage in SE Calgary, there is CCTV surveillance to monitor your belongings. You can put your own lock on the unit, so only you have access. Mobile security patrols help to ensure the facility is being monitored outside of office hours. The facility is fully fenced with the only entrance through the main gate. With key card access, only clients using the facility can enter and exit.

3. Convenience

Self-storage is a very convenient solution. Using key card access, you can come and go between 5:30 am-10:30 pm every day of the year. If you are back in Calgary for a few days, you can stop in with no hassle to check on your belongings. We often hear terrifying stories from people who have stored in someone’s garage or extra room, and then that person moves while they are away. You want peace of mind knowing you are not going to have to move your belongings while out of the city. Self-Storage in SE Calgary gives you that peace of mind.

4. Heated

Some of your items should be kept in heated storage, such as leather or wood furniture, paintings, musical instruments, important documents, and electronics. Often if you are leaving your belongings in an unheated garage, your possessions can become damaged with colder temperature swings. By using self-storage in Calgary, small and medium-sized heated storage units are kept at a consistent temperature.

Final Thoughts

For students who need somewhere to store their belongings, self-storage in SE Calgary is the best solution. The pricing is affordable, there are security features, it is convenient, and you can rent a heated storage unit for keeping your possessions protected. Look for an award-winning self-storage in SE Calgary to give you peace of mind.

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