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5 key reasons university students use self storage

Written on: April 16th, 2021

It is once again the time of year where university and college students are finishing up their exams and moving on. You may be returning home for the summer to work, off to graduate studies, or leaving the city to pursue work or leisure opportunities. Self-storage is a great solution to store books, furniture, and sports gear you want to keep. There are five key reasons self-storage in Calgary is a great solution for U of C, MRU, and SAIT students to store household items.

Key reasons university students use self storage
Key reasons university students use self storage


Most importantly, you have items you want to be secure while you are out of the city. Storing in someone’s garage, spare room or basement may be a cheap option, but it does not necessarily provide a secure option. Self-storage in SE Calgary provides security where only you can access your items. Your valuables are placed into your own private locker and only you have access. You place your lock on it and no one else has access to your valuables.


Self-storage units in Calgary allow you to store all your items, but you have access 365 days/yr. It is worthwhile to look for a facility that is located just off major thoroughfares in Calgary such as Deerfoot Trail, Glenmore Trail, Barlow Trail, or Stoney Trail. This means no matter if you are heading North, South, East, or West you can conveniently stop by to get what you need. Additionally, we can do all the paperwork contact-free. This means everything can be done on your phone or smart device.


When renting a self-storage locker, you can rent it for the short term or long term, for as long as you need it. Typically, the minimum rental period is 30 days. This allows you to make your plans and place your valuables in self-storage and know it is secure until you are ready to return and collect your items from your storage units in Calgary.


Rather than paying for your room while you are away, it is more affordable to place all your belongings in a storage locker in Calgary. The price of a storage locker starts at $109/month whereas a room rental or apartment rental is more like $1000, if not more. You may even be fortunate to find a storage facility offering a Student Special with storage lockers at 50% off to help you meet your budget.


You will want to select a self-storage facility in Calgary that ensures you are safe while on site. Look for a facility that offers the security of a fully fenced yard with a security gate to restrict access. Also, make sure it is well lit with LED lighting and has security patrols. These are all important features to ensure you are safe while on site. It is a bonus if they are playing music in the halls so it doesn’t feel creepy!

Final thoughts

The last few weeks of classes are very hectic, especially if you put moving in the mix. Finding the best self-storage in Calgary will make the process easy and seamless for you. Looking for a local storage facility that will do the entire move-in contact-free saves you even more time. Ensure the self-storage facility you pick ticks all the boxes to make your move as smooth as possible so you can get back to studying and planning your future!

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