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5 steps to get your RV ready for the summer

Written on: May 12th, 2022

With summer just around the corner, RV owners are itching to get out into the open roads and enjoy the warmer weather. And whether you’re planning camping trips close to home or you’re heading out to faraway places, there are a few important steps you must do before the RV season begins.

Be sure to follow these steps when you pick up your RV from our SE Calgary self-storage location to ensure your safety on the road and prevent a breakdown.

1. Check the tires

The first thing you will want to do is inspect your tires. You want to ensure there is no surface cracking or bulging. Be sure to check the tire pressure and tighten all the lug nuts.

2. Clean out the water system

Due to our sub-zero temperatures, you would have used antifreeze to winterize your water system. Now, it’s time to clean it out of the system before you use your RV. Make sure you shut off any bypass valves to the hot water tank, ice maker, or water filter to ensure the bleach water does not enter those systems. Then you are ready to DIY the water tank cleaning:

  • Fill your system ½ full
  • Add 1 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water and put it into the system
  • Let it sit for 24 hours and then turn on the taps to clear out the bleach water
  • Refill the tank with fresh water and run the taps until you can no longer smell bleach

Once you can no longer smell the bleach you are good to use the system.

3. Plug into shore power

After your water heater and water system are full, you can plug in your shore power. It is crucial your water system is full and working before plugging it in. This will ensure that thank the is safe if you have the electric mode for the water heater turned on. An empty water tank with electricity applied could burn out the appliance.

Once you are plugged in, you can turn the fridge to automatic. This will allow it to go to electric mode and start cooling. It is a good time to ensure all your appliances that run on electricity are working.

4. Test all your gas appliances

Turn on your propane tanks and light your gas burners to ensure they are working. Once you can light the burners, turn the fridge onto the gas and make sure it is running. This ensures there are no blockages in the line. Next, you will want to test the furnace and water heater to make sure everything is working.

5. Replace batteries for the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector

Replacing the batteries in your detectors ensures the safety of you and your loved ones while out camping. Also, check the pressure on your fire extinguisher. If it is green, you are good to go!

Once you have followed these five steps to get your RV ready, you can safely hit the road for the summer. Having your RV stored near you is ideal for easy access. This means you can head out of town at the last minute. Calgary is very strict on where you can store your RV. The best RV storage solution is the one that is close, secure, and convenient in SE Calgary. This allows you easy access when you want to head out of town.

Happy RVing!

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