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6 Key Benefits of Supporting Local

Written on: October 7th, 2021

Supporting local has caught a lot of attention since the pandemic started in early 2020. We are seeing the impact of losing small businesses in our community. As well, we are seeing the impact of relying on items made offshore. We would like to highlight the impacts in your community if consumers support their local businesses in Calgary. There are far-reaching benefits of supporting local.

  1. If you are looking for that personal touch, small business is the way to go. The service received from a local business is superior to service received in a large retail outlet. In a small business, everyone knows the product they are selling and they are focused on ensuring the customer needs are met.
  2. Job creation is provided by small businesses. If you want to see economic growth and see jobs in your community, support small local businesses. It is good for the economy and it is great for the people employed. Additionally, people who work in small businesses tend to value other small businesses.
  3. Local business supports not-for-profits in the community. According to Rubicon, local businesses provide 350% more support to local not-for-profits than non-local businesses. This means many people in the community benefit from the support for not-for-profits.
  4. Local businesses pay taxes locally. This means tax funds are used to support schools, infrastructure, roads, and local programs that our friends and family get to benefit from.
  5. Small, locally-owned self-storage owners can offer unique and flexible self-storage options that large multi-national firms cannot offer. Locally owned businesses can respond to their client needs and market demands.
  6. The environmental footprint for local businesses is much smaller than large businesses as there is less transportation costs. In turn, they are generating less pollution, traffic congestion, habitat loss, and resource depletion.

Overall, supporting local has great benefits. There is so many win/win outcomes for supporting local. October is Small business month. Support a small business and see the economic benefit it creates in your community.

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