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Benefits of a Private Office vs. Working from Home

Written on: February 3rd, 2022

The last few years have seen us juggling working from home, school-going online, and parents managing an ever-changing environment. There is no one size fits all, but here is an overview of how a private office in a boutique office centre can be affordable and improve productivity if you are finding it difficult to work from home. Whether you are a one-person satellite office in Calgary, a tradesperson, or an entrepreneur, your own office space can check a lot of boxes!

Quiet Space

It can be such a distraction when we are working with the kiddos at home or sharing workspace with our partner. Everything is done in 30 second sound bites which make it impossible to get any work done. Can you imagine coming into an office that is close to home and having uninterrupted time. Your productivity could improve exponentially.

Bright Office

Home offices are not always in the best location in the house. Home offices are in basements, spare rooms, or at the kitchen or dining room table. Each of these locations have issues because it is not your own space for your sole use. Worse yet, it can be space that no one else wants to use. The benefits of an office with windows allowing lots of natural light is proven to improve productivity. This does not include the added benefits of having your own space that you are not sharing.

Collaborate with Other Business Owners

Having the ability to get out of the house and collaborate with other business owners and entrepreneurs is invaluable. They can recommend service providers and an opportunity to share ideas. This provides the opportunity to generate new ideas and grow your business.

Secure Space

Finding a boutique office centre that provides you with your own office means your files and equipment is secure. Unlike shared spaces where you are hauling files and laptops back and forth, your own private office is secure and ready for you when you want to use it. Finding office space in SE Calgary that is “near me” means you are close to home while having your own space at the same time.

All the Amenities

There are some key amenities that are important to ask about when selecting an office outside your home. You will want to ensure you have parking for you and your clients, use of a professional boardroom, coffee facilities, and janitorial services. The ideal office centre will offer all these amenities as part of the monthly office rent, making it an affordable solution.

If you have outside clients and guests and need to make presentations, you will want to ensure you find an office centre that provides the use of a boardroom. Being in a boutique office centre that offer free parking to you and your guests is a bonus. There is nothing more annoying to your clients than arriving and finding out they need to pay for parking.


Whether you need a quiet space or a bright space to improve your productivity, searching for affordable boutique office space in SE Calgary can address all your concerns. Searching for a locally owned private office space will ensure you get personalized service to meet your needs.

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