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The benefits of a heated storage unit

Written on: November 9th, 2020

In a city like Calgary, where winter months often dip into extreme cold temperatures, a heated storage unit is a common request for those looking to keep their belongings safe. Heated storage ensures the temperature does not drop below a certain level to protect temperature-sensitive items. 

Benefits of heated storage unit
Benefits of heated storage unit

Keeping the temperature warm inside a storage unit protects certain items that are affected by cold and moisture. Items that benefit from a heated storage unit include:

    • Electronics
    • Antiques
    • Musical instruments
    • Vinyl records
    • Upholstered furniture

If you’re looking for a storage unit in Calgary, the question becomes – are the benefits worth the added cost? We list a few of the advantages below to help you determine what type of storage unit you need. 

Protection from extreme cold

It’s not uncommon for Calgary winters to go well below freezing temperatures. Sensitive items like musical instruments, wood furniture, fine art, books, and important documents are kept safe and secure in a heated storage unit.

Keeps items warm and dry

As long as items are dry when they go into the storage unit, the warm temperature inside the storage unit keeps your belongings from getting cold. Items that contain liquid won’t freeze during the winter months, and fragile items such as electronics are protected from damage.

Peace of mind

A key benefit of storing your temperature-sensitive items in a heated unit is the peace of mind it gives you. Not only will your items be protected in a temperature-controlled environment, but you can also rest assured that they are safe. 

Quality storage units are secure and easily accessible. You can select your unit size to fit your valuable belongings and be confident that the facilities have reliable security in place. 

Is a heated storage unit right for you? 

To decide what type of storage unit you need, consider the types of items you are storing, the value they hold, the current season, and the length of time you’ll need to store them. 

For extremely valuable items, the additional cost of a temperature-controlled unit is an investment in keeping your belongings protected. 


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