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The benefits of off-site file storage

Written on: June 10th, 2021

For corporations, lawyers, doctors, dentists, and other professionals who need to keep records, file storage can be quite cumbersome. Many offices dedicate an entire room or area of their business for record-keeping that can instead be used for revenue-producing purposes. For this reason, many companies use small storage units in SE Calgary as a solution for filing records. Here are a few advantages of offsite data storage.

Offsite File Storage

Keeps sensitive information secure

Is your facility set up to be a secure data storage facility? The reality is, most businesses don’t have the required protection in place to keep sensitive information safe, such as surveillance cameras, security patrols, and gated premises that our self-storage facility does in SE Calgary. This leaves your company and client data vulnerable and at risk of theft.

An off-site storage unit takes this burden off your shoulders and keeps your important documents secure in a guarded facility with 24/7 surveillance. Only individuals with a key card can enter the unit, giving you better control over who can access important data.

Frees up space in your office

With a small storage unit, you’re able to open up valuable floor space in your office for other work. Additionally, business storage units are not limited to record-keeping. If you have extra inventory or need a temporary solution for other business items, you have the advantage of having a small storage unit at your aid.

Ideal for disaster recovery

If your building is in an area that’s prone to flooding or other natural disasters, having an off-site storage facility can be a part of your disaster recovery plan. Climate-controlled storage units in SE Calgary mitigates the risk of natural disasters so your business can get back on its feet faster following a catastrophic event.

Climate-controlled and certified

When looking for a storage unit to store your files, be sure to choose one that is climate-controlled to keep your records safe from mold and mildew. If you run a dental office, it’s important to ensure that you’re choosing a certified facility. At Alberta Storage Place, we are the only certified Dental Record Self Storage Facility in Calgary. What this means for your practice is that we adhere to a high level of security and follow protocols to keep your valuable information safe.

Final thoughts

Whether you are looking for offsite file storage or extra space for inventory, storage units in SE Calgary are a great solution. Consider our self-storage company as your next partner for your business needs.

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