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Why self-storage is the best solution for storing your commercial vehicle

Written on: July 29th, 2021

Your commercial vehicle is a vital part of your business. Your vehicle needs to be easily accessible and secure to ensure everything goes smoothly when you or your employees head out to a job site. Business owners need to factor in a few things when deciding where to store their commercial vehicles in Calgary. Here are four reasons to consider using self-storage when storing your commercial vehicle.

Self-storage has security features

There are countless stories in the news of batteries or catalytic converters being taken from vehicles in Calgary. Additionally, the number of vehicle break-ins where tools and equipment have been stolen has grown significantly. Business owners want to ensure they are putting their commercial vehicles into a facility that has security in place. Video surveillance is a very important measure to deter any possible theft or vandalism. Security patrols ensure the facility is secure outside of regular gate hours. Make sure the facility is fully fenced and gated, so only clients who are allowed access to the yard can enter.

Location and convenience

Storing a commercial vehicle in central SE Calgary ensures that you and your employees all have easy access when needed. Storing at a location outside of the city adds time and gas mileage to the vehicle every time you need it to head out and complete a job. What business owners should look for is the most cost-effective solution for their storage needs, not the “cheapest”. Storing at a central location not too far from anywhere in the city is a very cost-effective solution because you’re saving additional costs in gas, travel, and time.

Accessibility to your vehicle

Who else is going to be driving the vehicle? If you have employees frequently going out to jobs and needing the vehicle, the last place you want to store it is at home in your garage. With self-storage, each employee has their own access card to ensure your employees can retrieve the work vehicle when needed. There is no need for your employees to come to your house or for you to drive out and meet them if it is stored in an easily accessible secure location. There are long spots available in self-storage that can accommodate up to 35’ in length, which is important if you have a larger vehicle to store.

Power plug-in spots

When storing a commercial vehicle, you will want to ensure it will start when you arrive at the facility, even in cold weather. Most places that store vehicles do not have access to power. Storage facilities that cater to businesses have power spots to ensure your vehicle will start year-round.

When considering where to store your vehicle, you should always keep security features, location, and accessibility in mind. Vehicle storage in central SE Calgary is the ideal solution for your business storage needs.


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