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6 Storage Options For Personal And Business Use

Written on: December 16th, 2021

Is it time to clear out some space in your house and office? The question is – where do you put items you may want to use at a later date? You might not have enough storage space in the basement and there are certain items you can’t leave out in the garage for security reasons and weather concerns.

Self-storage in Alberta is a great option for clearing out items that you don’t want to discard, but need to make more room in your house or office. First, consider what you need to store and how much space you need. Below is a guide of 6 different types of storage spaces available to you and the benefits of each.

Personal Storage Space Options

1. Heated Storage – Keep your personal belongings safe in a warm environment so they won’t break or get destroyed by cold weather. Items such as glass and electronics break easily and can get damaged in frigid conditions. Instead of worrying about opening your storage locker to a pile of unusable items, provide your belongings with the security of a heated environment.

You may be leaving your goods in storage for a long time. Spring storage could turn into a long cold winter, so you should be prepared for changes in the weather. Heated self-storage is ideal to keep your precious memorabilia protected until you have the space to bring it back home.

2. Drive-Up Storage – Are you concerned about the length of time to load or unload all your heavy boxes in and out of your storage unit? With drive-up storage space, you can take a load off your mind and muscles. Easily transfer your items right where you need them to be without hauling them across the parking lot to access your storage unit. Just park your vehicle immediately in front of your storage space. Or even pull right into your locker to unload everything right there.

3. Outdoor Vehicle Storage – You love both your car and truck, but your new living quarters don’t have room to park both of them. Avoid getting one of your vehicles towed from an unauthorized parking space by choosing an outdoor vehicle storage space. Storing your vehicle in an outdoor vehicle storage space lets you keep both cars and avoid hefty towing and ticketing fees. Vehicle storage spots with security and cameras mean your car, SUV, or truck will stay secure. Don’t worry about break-ins from leaving it in a shady alley or side street.

4. RV & Motorsport Storage – Once finished playing with your RV, ATV or summertime motor vehicle, you need to find a legal spot to park it. Storage space for these items provides you with a law-abiding spot while giving you access when needed. You can now clear out that space in your garage for year-round items you require continual access to.

Business Storage Space Options

5. Commercial Vehicle Storage – Do you need a convenient site to store your commercial vehicles overnight awaiting driver transfers? Commercial vehicle storage space not only provides you with a solution but has wide driveways to make turning radiuses easy for you. Large trucks, cargo trailers, and commercial vehicles will easily fit into a commercial vehicle storage space.

6. Mini-Warehouse Units – Perhaps you need more space than a typical storage unit but don’t want to take on the commitment of a large public warehouse bay. Mini-warehouse units offer room for your storage needs. You can expand your work zone without having to build a new garage on your premises.

Alberta Storage Place has all these storage options for you to choose from. If you need more than one type of spot, you can get them all in one location. Keep your items safe and securely contained until you need to use them again.


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