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How Self Storage Can Assist With Extra Inventory During Busy Season

Written on: December 2nd, 2021

Depending on your business, busy seasons can happen at different times of the year. For many businesses, the busy season begins in October and goes all the way through to mid-January.

The increased sales start with Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday, and then the month of December gears up for Christmas. You want to make sure you have extra inventory on hand to meet the demand. This year is making things even more challenging because of the supply shortages and the impact on the supply of many goods.

Self-storage is an excellent, cost-effective option to store additional inventory. Below are the 5 reasons self-storage is an option for your inventory in Calgary, AB.

Size Options

Whether you need a small, medium, or large self-storage unit, your items can be accommodated. If your inventory is temperature-sensitive, you will want to ensure you look for heated indoor storage. If your items are not temperature sensitive, a drive-up unit will be convenient for easy loading and unloading.


With the supply chain issues, you may not know when to expect your next shipment. Self-storage allows you the flexibility of only paying for the storage space you need. If you need to upsize or downsize, it is very easy and it can be done at a moment’s notice. You only need to pay for the space you need. There are no extra charges during the prime busy season when you use self-storage.


You do not need to worry about a long-term commitment for self-storage. Most contracts are month to month, with a one-month notice period. This allows you to test your idea and see your success. If it is a booming success, you can stay long-termer and even upgrade to more space. If you do not see the success you expected, you can wrap things up with short notice.


Self-storage allows you to keep all your product in a secure storage locker, and only you have access. There is no shared space and you do not need to be concerned about another entrepreneur taking your idea. If it is your side gig you can come in after your regular work hours and get everything ready for shipping for the next day.

Shipping & Receiving

When you are an entrepreneur, time is money. Looking for a storage facility that will receive shipments allows you to be out taking care of business. Now if you can find a self-storage facility in SE Calgary that can support shipments out of the facility, this will mean extra time for you to be working on your business. Looking for a self-storage facility in Calgary that caters to business is the way to go.

In conclusion, finding the right self-storage facility in SE Calgary to support your business can benefit you in ways you may not have even imagined. Looking for a locally owned and operated self-storage business will result in services beyond your expectations. As you are getting extra inventory for your busy season, consider self-storage as a cost-effective and flexible solution for your business storage needs.


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