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How to Get Organized the Marie Kondo Way

Written on: April 24th, 2019

Spring is in the air and with that comes the desire for many of us to clean our homes and get organized before summer arrives. There is a new wave of energy to get organized based on a Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo.

Anyone that has embraced her methods speak enthusiastically about how it has transformed their lives. Marie Kondo has started the craze with her little turquoise book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. Kondo has set off a decluttering craze across the globe.

Marie Kondo’s Services are in high demand. Her book has two key elements to her radical approach. First, you need to hold up every object and ask yourself if it brings joy. If doesn’t, thank it for it service and get rid of it. Second, once you have only your most joyful belongings put everything in a place where it is visible, accessible and easy to get at and put it back. Only when you have followed this process will you reach success and never have to tackle large decluttering projects again.

All of this sounds like a great plan but with working full time it seemed overwhelming to tackle such a project. It turns out that anyone I have talked to that has taken this approach is thrilled with the outcome and feels it is life altering to embrace this approach to getting and staying organized.

The key takeaways for the process to work are as follows:

  1. Tackle Categories not Rooms
  2. Respect your belongings
  3. Nostalgia is not your friend
  4. Purging feels so good
  5. Fold, Don’t Hang
  6. The Fold
  7. Fall in Love with your Closet
  8. Rediscover your Style

Based on what I have read I am going to tackle my clothes first. I am a little concerned about taking everything out and going through the process of determining if it brings me joy. However, both my daughter and a friend took this approach and they said it was cathartic.

Stay tuned, I will tell you how it goes.

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