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How to store winter tires properly

Written on: May 6th, 2021

Did you know there is a way to store winter tires that will help lengthen their lifespan? Replacing tires can be costly, and most car owners want to preserve their quality for as long as possible. While it’s not a legal requirement, Alberta Transportation recommends a set of winter tires and one for summer for optimal safety and performance. However, the challenge that many of us face with an additional set of tires is finding adequate storage. If you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to switch your winter tires and use the following tips to store winter tires below as a guide.

Swapping winter tires

Inspect, wash, and dry

Ice, snow, gravel, and sand can be especially tough on your car’s tires. Before storing them, complete a detailed inspection to remove any stones stuck between the tread. This will ensure that tires are stored without the tread being stretched. Check the pressure on each tire, adjust to the recommended PSI, tighten up the valves, and thoroughly wash the tires with gentle soap and water. It’s important to let the tires dry completely before storing them. This tip also pertains to car storage or motorhome storage in Calgary – always be sure that tires and the vehicle is dry!

Place each tire in an individual bag

Although it’s not completely necessary, we recommend putting each tire in an air-tight plastic bag and tape it shut. This protects them from fluctuations in humidity and moisture and keeps the oil from evaporating. Tires that aren’t placed in a bag are exposed to the elements and more susceptible to drying and cracking.

If you choose not to place them in a plastic bag and you’re stacking one tire over the other, be sure to place a piece of cardboard, towel, or another protective layer in between to avoid the rims being scratched.

Keep them in a climate-controlled indoor location

Where you choose to store your tires is by far the most important factor when it comes to lengthening tire life. Many people keep their tires in an unheated garage, but the temperature fluctuations of a standard garage can impact tire lifespan. Additionally, some car owners make the mistake of storing them outdoors where UV rays and weather elements will quicken their deterioration and shorten their lifespan. It’s ideal to store your winter tires in a climate-controlled location such as a small storage unit in Calgary where they are safe from the elements.

The dos and don’ts of tire storage

  • Do keep tires in a cool and dry location
  • Don’t store tires near equipment that emits carbon monoxide, such as a furnace, central vacuum unit, or sump pump
  • Do keep tires away from the sun’s exposure
  • Don’t store tires in an attic
  • And last but certainly not least, do inquire about a climate-controlled small storage unit in Calgary where you can securely place your tires and other valuable items. It can save you hundreds of dollars in tire replacement costs in the long run!
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