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Mini Storage helps when Renovating your Home

Written on: January 11th, 2019

Renovating and self-storage
Renovating and self-storage

Did you know that Mini Storage and Renovations are like a hand in a glove?

Mini Storage can improve your renovation experience. A renovator’s biggest challenge to a successful project is the availability of staging space on site.  As a home owner one stress of a renovation is the safety of your possessions. You can store these in your garage, or a container on the driveway. The challenge is your contractor needs access to the driveway to remove demolition material or receive new material. Your garage is the perfect warehouse for new materials prior to installation. This competition for space can slow the job down causing extra costs and delayed schedule. Further, what you have in the garage is exposed to anyone looking into that area from the street. As well, consideration must be given to any items sensitive to cold temperature as an unheated container is not the proper solution.

When starting a renovation, most folks purge items and get organized.

This task is difficult when you still have your daily life to live. This is where a personal storage locker comes in very handy. Consider the fact you have complete control and access to your possessions. Your storage locker gives you time to decide what to keep, how to package it and all in a clean and heated environment.  You also have a secure place to go to get out of all the renovation mess and sort out that house full of stuff you never have time to sort out!  Above all, your contractor will be very appreciative if you get your stuff out of your house. Not to mention your possessions will too!

Have a look at our size guide, pick your storage space and start planning now.

Are you an FYI Renovator?

Because  you are a handy kind of person and want to tackle your renovation a great way to control costs is to order material online. Many unique hardware options are available cheaper and faster by ordering from on line stores. When doing this, the age old problem is, where do I store all this product until I am ready to get started? Further, if you are not home how do you ensure the security of the delivery? Many packages get delivered but are stolen from your front step. Check out this video for one way to combat this from happening, Thwart the thief. A better solution is to have your packages delivered to your Mini Storage facility. Pick a facility that will receive and place your items into your storage locker.

Happy renovating! To get tips and make contacts here is the schedule for the various home shows coming up in Calgary this year.

January 11 to January 13, 2019  Home Renovation show  Click here for details

February 28 to March 3, 2019 Calgary Home and Garden show Click here for details

September 19 to September 22, 2019 Calgary Fall Home show Click here for details



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