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Organize your home for fall

Written on: August 30th, 2018

Getting organized for back to school
Getting organized for back to school

You need to organize now that the new school year in upon us and summer is coming to an end. With the transition from summer to the new school year, parents can become stressed. Your home will quickly fall into chaos if you are not organized. It is important for  children to arrive at school on time and homework gets completed. In addition, extracurricular activities need to be planned and organized. Organization is critical to make sure everything important gets done.  It is stressful for both parents and children if your home is not organized for the school year.

These four actions will help you organize your home and prepare for the school year to start:

Create a Calendar

By making a calendar you will organize all family activities throughout the school year. This is to ensure you prepare for everything in advance. All school events, sport activities, music lessons, and any family events should be listed on your calendar. This will put you at ease knowing you’re prepared for things in advance. You don’t want to forget about important events and be unprepared.

Organize Summer and Winter Clothes

Next, you’ll need to organize your clothes and kids’ clothes to prepare for the Fall and Winter when temperatures cool. Prepare for the colder days ahead by rearranging your closets now. If you need extra storage space a small self-storage unit is a convenient and economical solution. You will store your summer clothes and summer sports gear in your self storage unit until needed next summer. You can also keep the self-storage unit year-round to make room for your seasonal items. This will ultimately help you free up space in your home.

Make a Daily Checklist

The third item you should do to become more organized is create a daily checklist. The calendar you create must include all your checklist item making  sure everything is completed on time. Make your kids accountable for their tasks by creating  a checklist of the the daily items they must complete. This way you are teaching the kids responsibility and valuable life skills. Include checklist Items such as homework being completed or practice their piano before playtime. Include the kids in making their lunches and preparing menus so grocery lists can be made. Using a checklist each school day will relieve some of your stress while teaching your kids important life skills.

Create a Place for Notes and Papers

As a parent, you already know there are many documents your children bring home throughout the school year. Finally, create a file folder where the kids can leave anything that needs to be reviewed or signed by you. This gives them added responsibility in their life and makes it less stressful for you. Moreover, setting up your file system will eliminate a last minute scramble to review and sign papers your kids need to return to school.

These 4 tips will significantly reduce the stress in your home during the school year. The best way to organize is to plan and make changes in advance. Implement some of these today and start the school year off right. For more creative ideas on organizing your home during the school year visit



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