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Protect Your Car During Hail Season Using Self Storage

Written on: July 7th, 2022

Hailstorm season has arrived, which can mean devastating damage to homes, vehicles, and buildings. The July 2021 hailstorm in Calgary caused $247 million in insured damage. In the year prior, the hailstorm in June 2020 caused roughly $1.2 billion in damage.

One of the best ways to protect your vehicle from damage is to rent a self-storage unit. Here are 5 reasons why:

Your car is protected in covered storage

You can rent a large storage unit from a self-storage facility in SE Calgary, which can accommodate your vehicle or classic car. The lockers all have roofs on top of them, meaning once your vehicle is inside, it is protected from hail. There are two options available:

10’x20’ storage units are the size of a single car garage and can accommodate a single-vehicle.

10’x30’ drive-up units can also accommodate a vehicle, sometimes up to 2 vehicles depending on their length bumper to bumper.

Car covers do not offer enough protection

Many articles recommend using a car cover for hail protection. However, the cover is often not enough protection for your prized possession. The cover can help for small hail and strong winds. However, when there is larger hail, it can still slam down at forceful speeds and can result in dents, broken windows, and damage to your vehicle through the cover.

Over time, when the cover is exposed to rain, it can also cause moisture which can cause more damage to your car. This is especially true in Calgary where there can be damaging hailstorms.

Self-storage has security features

Whether you are storing your classic car or everyday vehicle, security is an important consideration. Self-storage in Calgary has a fully gated facility with key card access only. There is 24/7 CCTV surveillance to protect your belongings. There are also security patrols who come around after hours as extra protection. You place your own lock on the unit, which means only you have access to the storage unit and no one else can enter.

Storage leases are flexible

You are not locked into a long-term lease to store your vehicle in self-storage. You sign a month-to-month contract with a minimum rental term of one month. When you are done, you simply give one clear month’s notice to vacate. Whether you need long-term storage for your classic car or short-term storage to protect your everyday car while you go away for a few months, self-storage can meet your needs.

Easy to access

You can come and go into the SE Calgary storage facility between 5:30 AM – 10:30 PM every day of the year. This is way more efficient than storing your vehicle in a garage where you would need to request access from the owner each time you need it. If you want to take your vehicle out for a spin or swap it for another vehicle, you can come and go any time during gate hours using self-storage.

Final thoughts

Hailstorm season can cause devastating damage to your vehicle, and you want to ensure it is protected. The best way to protect your vehicle is by using an indoor self-storage unit in SE Calgary. Storage units are covered, more effective than using a car cover, easy to access, offer flexible lease terms and the facility has security features.

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