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Life Changes: Relationships and How Self-Storage Can Help

Written on: February 10th, 2022

Self-storage units in Calgary are used for a variety of purposes throughout an individual’s lifetime. One main reason people need storage is when they are transitioning into or out of homes while dating, after getting married or while going through a divorce. Here is how self-storage can assist with each of these exciting or stressful life changes.

Using storage while moving in with your significant other

Dating and finding someone you love can be a very exciting time. Many couples move in together to cut living costs. When combining all the furniture, boxes, and clutter, there may be too many items to fit into your combined home. One of the most helpful things people can do is to rent a small or medium self-storage unit to store extra household belongings.

The last thing you want is for extra boxes to be sitting in your spare room, taking up room in your closet, or spread throughout the rest of your home. Renting a storage unit in SE Calgary is a great solution for removing clutter throughout your home. If you have temperature-sensitive items to store, there are heated and easy-to-access ground-level units available.

Self-storage after marriage and when purchasing a new home

Weddings are an exciting time when the event comes together after months and months of planning. This transition in your life can make you the happiest you have ever been. The next step for many newlyweds is to look at a larger living space, and some may make an offer on a new home. Often, you will need to use storage during the transition as you require somewhere to store your belongings temporarily, while in-between homes.

Heated and drive-up storage units are very convenient as they are on a month-to-month lease. This means there is no long-term commitment to rent, you only need to give one clear months’ notice to terminate your lease. Another reason newlyweds use storage is because once their belongings are combined into their new home, there may not be enough room for all the boxes, furniture, electronics, and other items. Small and medium storage units in SE Calgary are the ideal size to put away your extra belongings and free up space.

Divorce and self-storage solutions

Going through a divorce is never easy and can be very stressful at the best of times. Self-storage can make this process a little less stressful. Emotions may be running high, and in some cases, there might be the risk of items being damaged or thrown out by the other party. A storage unit can act as a neutral and safe space for your stuff when your belongings are being divided up.

Many individuals do not want to go back to their old homes to deal with memories and pain, putting your items in self-storage removes the need to go back. You may also face a temporary living arrangement while going through the divorce process. Using a heated or drive-up storage unit in Calgary keeps your irreplaceable items safe. It gives you peace of mind that your belongings are under CCTV surveillance with card-only access and security patrols.

Final thoughts

Going through life changes can be an exciting or stressful time. Whether you are newly dating and looking to move in together, if you are recently married and making an offer on a new home, or if you are going through a divorce and want to remove some of your stress, self-storage in SE Calgary can help you. When you need extra space in a clean and well-lit environment, Alberta Storage Place is the best storage solution.

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