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Renting a storage locker: What to consider & what you need

Written on: July 22nd, 2021

Renting a storage locker can be intimidating if you have never rented one before. If you’re looking for more information on what you need when renting a storage unit in Calgary, we have identified the five key things to consider. If you rent a storage locker from an award-winning local storage facility in SE Calgary, they will answer all your questions and make it an easy and fun process. Here’s what to consider when renting a storage unit and what is required to complete the rental. 


One of the key factors to consider when renting a storage locker is the location. You can choose to have it close to your home or close to your office. Either way, you want a convenient location for your storage unit in Calgary so you can easily access any items you need at any time.  Another consideration regarding location is where the storage unit is in the facility. You will want to avoid long distances from where you park or using elevators. Selecting a storage facility with multiple entry points and ground floor units makes access much easier. 

Size of the storage unit

Most storage facilities are built on a 5-foot grid. The standard sizes for storage units are 5×5, 5×10, 10×10, 10×15, 10×20 and 10×30. The ceiling is typically 8 or 10 feet high.  When deciding on the size of storage unit you need, it is best if you can find a storage facility to assist you in determining the size to meet your needs. If you are storing small items such as a few boxes, some sports equipment, and a few small pieces of furniture, a small storage locker is plenty of room. However, if you are storing an apartment full of furniture, a medium size unit will be required. If you have a whole household or even a vehicle, you will need a large storage unit.

A storage facility can assist in giving advice on how to pack your storage unit to make the best use of your space.


Storage unit costs are dependent on size. For example, a small storage unit is $109 per month and the price is higher for larger storage units. Beware, some storage facilities are charging every 4 weeks. If you are thinking charging once a month is the same as every 4 weeks are the same, it is not!  If you pay every 4 weeks you make 13 payments per year, this is 8% more per month. The other costs to consider are administrative fees and mandatory insurance. These fees increase your overall monthly costs substantially. It is worth taking the time to add up all the monthly fees so you can compare the costs for each storage facility.  


When you pull up to a storage facility in SE Calgary, first impressions are important. When you make the decision to store your valuable items in a space away from home, you want it to be clean. Looking for a storage facility that cleans and disinfects their units before you move in is a real bonus.  


Looking at security features of a facility before you move in is important. Do not be afraid to ask what security features the facility has. You want to look for restricted access, make sure the facility is fully fenced, and that the gate can only be opened by clients authorized to enter. It is important to have CCTV cameras on location. You will want to assess the security features, so you feel confident that your possessions are secure.


Storage units can be booked online, or you can go into the office in person. You can do a site tour and look at the unit and the facility before making a commitment to make sure it meets your priorities on security and cleanliness. Once you have determined where you want to store your belongings, you will be required to provide a government photo ID to sign up. This provides security to you and ensures only you have access to your unit. No matter who is working the front desk, they can quickly identify you are authorized to be in the facility.  


You will be required to sign a contract.  The contract is typically month to month, which means you can give 30 days’ notice prior to the end of the month to cancel the following month. The contract protects you and it provides conditions for storing your items. There are no perishable food items allowed, no combustibles, and no illegal items. All the clauses in the contract are to ensure both parties understand the contractual relationship. It is important to take the time to familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract. Of specific interest, when the payment is required, any extra fees, and what termination notice is required. Important to note, facilities that charge every 4 weeks never have the same payment date. Missing your payment date can cost you unnecessary late payment fees.

This is a summary of the key things to look for if you are renting self-storage for the first time.  Finding a reputable Local Storage Facility in SE Calgary will ensure you get the assistance you need and make you feel confident your possessions will be safe and secure, at a fair price.


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