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Self-Storage for Start-Ups and Satellite Offices

Written on: October 21st, 2021

When starting up a new business or a satellite business in Calgary, there are a few things to consider. If you need space to store merchandise or inventory and office space, there is an ideal solution waiting for you. There is a self-storage facility in SE Calgary that can offer one-stop shopping. You can get secure storage for your goods and you can have an office in a modern boutique office center.

Here are 5 points to consider if you need space to operate your business:

Separation of home and work is important for your mental health

With so many of us working from home, the timeline between work hours and family time gets blurred and leads to burnout. Further, with more of your neighbours working from home, operating your business from your residence means you are generating more traffic which could be a concern. An office in a boutique office center can address these concerns.

Setting up your office in an Office Center with a commercial address legitimizes your operation

Not only does it allow you to have a commercial address, but it also provides an opportunity to meet customers and employees in a professional environment. Make sure the office center offers free use of a Boardroom if you need to do presentations to potential clients or need to have regular staff meetings.

Helps keep your initial overhead costs down

If you are setting up a satellite office in a new test market, rather than signing a multi-year lease and committing to more space than is required or trying to operate in shared or sub-let premises consider a private office in a business center. Even better is a boutique office center connected to a self-storage facility. This provides a scalable storage solution for parts, inventory, and tools. You can also store work vehicles in a secure compound. This allows the convenience of having everything in one place.

Free up space in your home and maintain privacy

If you have staff working from home and need to meet with fellow employees to be efficient but don’t want your business interaction to occur at their house, an office center is a great solution. Our office center is fully furnished and is ready to move in right away.

Having an office in a facility that also provides storage and warehousing options frees up your personal home space such as your garage, basement, or spare room. It also ensures that all your merchandise is stored securely.

Self-storage in Calgary for start-ups and satellite offices can be a creative and cost-effective solution as you grow your business.

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