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Self-storage solutions for landscapers

Written on: September 9th, 2021

Landscapers use storage solutions for many reasons. This includes storing tools, equipment, vehicles, trailers, and other items. There are many things to consider when deciding where to leave your business valuables and not all storage facilities are created equal. Here are some key things landscapers should keep in mind when planning their business operations and looking at storage options:

Free up room in your garage and home

It might be tempting to leave all your tools and equipment in your garage. This is not an efficient solution because you would then have no space left for your personal vehicles. This can become very problematic over the winter when it snows and you are spending time de-icing the windshield and removing snow from your vehicle every morning. If you have items scattered around your home, you are wasting valuable time finding items when you should be out at a job. Self-storage is the ideal solution to this problem, saving you time and freeing up space in your home. Everything you need can be organized in one location and it frees up room in your home and garage.

Convenience of self-storage

With the City of Calgary Bylaws, you cannot store commercial vehicles or trailers on the city streets. You will need to store your vehicles offsite, meaning you can store everything in the same place for your convenience. Alberta Storage Place has fenced yard storage where you can put vehicles, trailers, tools, and equipment all in one place. If you need some items in a covered storage unit, we offer 10×20 and 10×30 drive-up units. If you have trailers to store, they can fit in one of our outside commercial vehicle spots.

Remember to factor in your employees

You do not want your employees coming to your home every time they need to pick up a specific piece of equipment or tool. With self-storage in Calgary, each employee receives their own key access card, meaning they can come and go as each job requires. If an employee ever quits or is laid off, the self-storage company can simply disable their key card. For a business owner, this means when you are away for a few days, your business can still operate effectively without you being present. Using self-storage gives you peace of mind that your business can operate with and without you present.

Security features

It is very important to ask about security features prior to choosing a storage facility. Ensure the facility is fully gated and only accessible to the clients who are renting. If the gate is open all day, anyone can enter and exit the facility. CCTV surveillance is very important as it can help deter any unwanted visitors. Security patrols that come around at night and on the weekends are also a must. One of the best methods to figure out the security is simply by asking the manager or reading online reviews.

Final thoughts

There are several things to keep in mind when looking for storage. These include convenience and location, security features, and factoring in your employees. Landscapers should strongly consider using self-storage for their business needs. Alberta Storage Place offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for your business needs and we have several unique options for landscapers year-round.

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