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Six Tips for Organizing Your Storage Locker

Written on: July 28th, 2018

Organizing your storage locker
Organizing your storage locker

Organizing your storage locker can not only save you time but also money. With pre-planning and organizing you can ensure you have easy access to the items you need most frequently. Store items that you won’t be needing at the back of your storage unit. With that said, here are 6 tips to consider when organizing a self-storage rental unit:

1.  Pick one standard box or bin size

By choosing one uniform box or bin size allows you to pack your locker more efficiently and save room. Furthermore, most of our lockers are 8 feet in height so boxes can be stacked to the ceiling. Some storage units are even higher, so you can stack boxes right up to the top of the locker. Remember to place heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter boxes at the top. If you have different box sizes, and they don’t easily stack, it will take up a lot more space and you may need to rent a bigger unit.

2.  Create an aisle in your locker

Creating a walkway either down one side or in the middle of your storage locker ensures you have easy access to any items after you move into your storage unit. Whether you are storing household goods or business items, you will want your storage locker organized. Firstly, to ensure you’re not wasting your time trying to find something you need. And secondly, if you need an item at the very back of your storage unit you could be faced with moving everything out to access it.

3.  Label every box and Create a Master List

First, by labelling every box on the top and on at least one side, and the room it came from you will be able to easily access any item you may need while it is in storage. In addition, creating a master list that includes the contents of each box, the box number, and location of the box will be a time saver in the event you are looking for an item. Make sure you keep a map of the location in the storage locker, so you can locate any item you are looking for.

4.  Use shelving to organize your storage unit

Using shelving can help you stack many boxes or organize items without having to box them up. You can lay items out flat on shelves for convenient access. Consider this option if you’ll be in and out of your locker frequently.

5.  Plan your storage space for easy access

Plan and place the items you may need to access often in the front of the unit. In fact, put anything you won’t be needing while in storage towards the back as this can save you time when you need to come in for something specific.

6.  Use drawers of dressers to store items

Make sure you use all space in your furniture and in your storage unit efficiently. By packing light items such bedding, towels or clothing in dresser drawers or cupboards allows you to utilize all the space in your locker. You are paying for the space, so you will want to make sure you utilize it.
You should consider using these 6 Self Storage Organizing Tips when planning to place items in a storage unit. The tips can also be helpful if you currently have a storage unit and need to organize it.

Make sure you get the best value out of your storage investment. For more storage tips go to our website and look under storage tips. We also found an article by Life Storage that would be useful to make the most of your storage locker space.

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