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Spring cleanings tips: How small storage units can help

Written on: April 30th, 2021

Warmer months are just around the corner, and the start of a new season calls for spring cleaning your entire home. This is right around the time homeowners complete some much-needed purging of items after a long winter to store in their residential storage units.

Thinking of spring cleaning your entire home can feel overwhelming. We recommend starting where you feel the most motivated and checking off the task that’s been on your mind for weeks. Create a list to help you stay organized and tackle the process room-by-room. To help you smooth out the process, here are some of our top spring cleaning tips with creative ideas on using small storage units in Calgary to clear out your home.

Essential spring cleaning tips
Essential spring cleaning tips

Decluttering the kitchen

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is often the area that becomes most cluttered. Here’s a simple checklist to get you started:

  • Start with the fridge and remove all items
  • Toss out expired and unwanted food
  • Remove and wash all shelves, racks, and bins
  • Wipe down surfaces before putting back shelves, racks, and bins
  • Clean the oven, cooktop, and vent hood
  • Clean the microwave
  • Organize the pantry
  • Deep clean the cabinets
  • Sort through pots, pans, mugs, glasses, plates, bowls, cutlery, water bottles, and food containers and only keep what you use

If you’re not yet ready to part with cookware and other items, or you want to save them for when your older kids move out, or you feel that it could be of value later, a small storage unit in Calgary can help. Carefully wrap the items in paper and pack them into a box or air-tight bin. Remember, perishable foods should never be placed in a storage unit.

Spring cleaning the bathrooms

  • Toss out expired medicine, old cosmetics, and toiletries you don’t use
  • Declutter accumulated products from shelves and drawers
  • Organize and put back the product you use and toss what you don’t need
  • Deep clean the shower, toilet, and sink
  • Organize the linen closet and only keep what you use

Extra towels and bath mats can be stored in a small storage unit, but be absolutely sure they are dry before you do. Be cautious about storing scented items like strong soaps, lotions, oils, and perfume. If you do, place them in an airtight container and keep in mind that these items can expire.

Flammable items cannot be stored in a storage unit, including hairspray, nail polish, nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, and aerosol cans. Pay close attention to the label on products and make sure it doesn’t have the tell-tale flame symbol that indicates the contents are flammable.
Purging the bedrooms and closets

  • Wash all beddings and pillows
  • Sort through your closet and pull items that you don’t use
  • Swap out and put away winter clothing and shoes
  • Pack up any kids toys that aren’t used
  • Sort through kids clothing and shoes, putting away items that your kids have outgrown

Sort through the items that you’d like to donate and ones that you want to keep. Small storage units in Calgary are great for households planning for another child and don’t want to donate their baby items just yet. From cribs to baby swings, old baby clothes and toys, storage units are an excellent solution to save these items without creating additional clutter in your garage, basement, or other storage space in your home.

Cleaning out the garage

Last but certainly not least, it’s time to give some attention to the garage, which can quickly become a dumping ground for broken items, hobbies that you haven’t gotten around to starting, outgrown bikes, and sports gear that hasn’t been used in a while. To start:

  • Sort through items and purge what you don’t need
  • Reorganize the items you want to keep
  • Sweep the garage floor and use a hose to wash it down
  • Wipe down windows and doors

A popular use for small storage units in Calgary is seasonal items, such as fishing rods, bikes, outdoor sports equipment, gardening tools, winter and summer tires, holiday decorations, and more. An advantage of using a residential storage unit is the added security and safety for your belongings. Additionally, it helps to make more room in the garage so you can comfortably park your vehicle.

When spring cleaning your garage and deciding what to place in a storage unit, remember to leave out flammable items such as paint, paint thinner, propane, gas, lighter fluid, oil-based cleaning products, just to name a few. Again, look for the flammable symbol on the label or container if you’re unsure.

If you don’t have a garage or basement to store items or live in a condo with limited room, having access to a small storage unit in Calgary is a great solution. Storage units allow you to free up precious space without having to sacrifice your treasured items that you want to hold on to.

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