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Storage Can Help You Recover From A Disaster

Written on: August 13th, 2018

Disasters happen, period. You never know what it will be or when it will happen. With this in mind Storage provides a location to start your disaster recovery. Hopefully you never experience a disaster, but you can’t rely on hope. Calgary and area has experienced massive floods and forest fire season is in full swing. With this in mind there is no better time to create a disaster recovery plan. Planning for a disaster will minimize the impact on your business and the disruption it will cause. Planning in advance will be the first step to recovery in the most stressful of times. 

Here are some actions you need to prepare in your Disaster Recovery Plan.

File Storage

Home based businesses should store archived files and back-up data off site. Self Storage in Calgary is a perfect option to segregate your files.  Do you know where your past year’s tax files stored? Is your corporate minute book at home or your Lawyer’s office? Should you suffer a fire or flood at your home not only do you lose your personal assets, but you are also exposing your business to loss.

Keep you Network Running

Have a small battery backup (UPS) in your home office to keep your modem and router up and running when the power is out. Most importantly you ensure your  systems remain up and running. That way you can continue to send and receive information. Your clients and employees need to know where and how you will continue your operations. In addition to the other benefits, you will also have a way to charge your cell phones.

Business Loss Insurance

Equally important to your operation is insurance coverage.  Unless you carry business loss insurance separate from your home owner’s policy, your business is not covered when located in your home. Check with your insurance broker to see if this applies to your situation.

Separate Business Records By Storing Them Off Site

During the 2013 floods in Calgary a friend lost all his business records when his home flooded. He barely recovered from that event. Our Storage facility in Calgary provides a separate storage solution for valuable records and assets away from your home.

Multiple Data Backup

Cloud storage for data is an option for digital records. You should also consider having a hard storage solution by backing up your data to a portable hard drive at minimum weekly and keeping it off site.  Keep this hard drive with personal items that can never be replaced such as photo albums or children’s keepsakes if lost during a break in, a fire or flood. Bundling of business and personal items like winter tires, camping or sporting gear help to fully utilize an affordable self-storage unit.  To see the selection of unit sizes for your use please go to our Size Guide

Above all, disaster planning is the first step of your Business Continuation program. Remember, time is your enemy getting your business back up and running following a disaster. Having all your business essentials readily accessible in a self-storage facility can minimizing down time. You need to keep in mind your service providers may be preoccupied dealing with the aftermath of the same disaster as you and are focused on their needs first. The more you have control over, the better you can manage your situation. For more information and ideas on Disaster preparedness have a read of this news story, 7 Tips To Help Create A Disaster Recovery Plan

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