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Students – To Move or Store for the Summer?

Written on: April 13th, 2018

The month of April greets post secondary students with many priorities at the same time.  You have projects due, finals to prepare for and write; as well as, being faced with moving out of your residence for the summer months then starting that summer job.

What is more economical, storage in the city you go to school or moving items home?

At the end of each school year students are faced with the decision of moving all their belongings home or leaving them in the city where you are attending a post secondary institution.  As a matter of fact, being parents of two adult children, we were faced with this decision each school year.  We made the decision to drive to Vancouver and move their stuff back to Calgary in April. Then we did it in reverse again in September moving all that stuff back.   Pretty funny decision for owners of a self storage facility!  When we look back and do the math it made no sense considering the time and cost we could have funded a real vacation. We could always look back at those 10 hour drives as quality bonding time with our kids, can’t say they would agree.  Now compare your time, fuel costs, hotel and meal expenses against the cost to place those items in self storage. Self storage wins! If you are the parent buy your student a plane ticket and fly them home, save that precious vacation time. If you are the student save your parents (or yourself) some money and grief. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

If you choose to leave everything in residence for four months or move it home, it makes sense to consider all the costs.  If you leave it in a rental property it will cost you four months of rent, no matter what Canadian city you live in this is always going to be more expensive than a storage option. Of course, you may have a 12 month lease so you are paying rent anyway, but I will address this later.  Not only do you need to consider the cost of gas, hotels, meals not to mention the cost of your time and anyone helping $$$ can quickly add up.

Comparatively, you can store all your valuables in a secure environment where you do not have to worry about your belongings while you are off exploring the world or working a summer internship. Additionally, you can call us and get all the paperwork done over the phone or come in and meet us so you can see our clean, well lit facility.  You store all your valuables into a secure locker, only you will have access to.   Surprisingly, it is nothing like storage wars on TV! Now if you have that 12 month lease you can reduce your costs by subletting your room or apartment but do you really want that stranger looking through your stuff? NO, so consider moving it into a small storage locker out of sight of prying eyes.

Alberta Storage Place is a locally owned and operated business.  We pride ourselves in helping our customers find the most affordable and economical storage solution.  We are here to make your storage venture a positive experience.   If you think you need one size of storage and once you get everything together you realize you need a different size, no worries we are totally flexible, and you can change the size of unit you need.

This summer we are offering students an exclusive offer of 4 months storage for the price of 3 months, for any 5×5 or 5×10.  All you need to do is show up with your student ID.   Furthermore, we have the best price guarantee so there is no point in spending your valuable time shopping at all the storage facilities in Calgary as we have it for you AND not to mention we are confident you will enjoy our friendly, helpful service.  Read our google reviews and see why we have a 4.9 star rating.

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