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Big ways a small storage unit can help

Written on: July 15th, 2021

Self-storage units are not limited to large possessions like RVs, boats, and cars. In fact, many rely on the benefits of small storage units, including the convenience of having accessible, secure storage space and easing the overwhelm of big life changes. Storage units in SE Calgary are there to assist you with everyday life, business operations, and the inevitable transitions that life can unexpectedly bring. If you find yourself looking for a solution to house your precious belongings, here are just a few of the ways a small storage unit can help.

Small storage units for household and personal use

  1. Post-secondary students moving – Small storage units are a perfect solution for post-secondary students who live on or off-campus during the school year and are away for the summer. Also, if you are going for class abroad for a semester.  The benefits of a small storage, in this case, is that it’s just the right size and is an affordable and convenient option for University and College students.
  2. World travellers needing storage space in between trips – For the avid traveller who only lives in Calgary in short bursts, a small storage space provides peace of mind to secure personal belongings. Having a secure, climate-controlled unit means that your items are safe from damage and that only you can access them.
  3. Seasonal tire storage – Most car owners store their tires in the garage or outdoors, but that leaves them vulnerable to the elements and can shorten their lifespan. Small storage units serve as a great option for tire storage because they are in an indoor, climate-controlled facility. This helps protect them from moisture and fluctuations in humidity, which can save you from the additional cost of needing to replace them too soon. Learn more on how to store your winter tires
  4. A safe and secure storage for sports equipment – Sporting gear can take up quite a bit of space in a garage or a basement, especially for active families. A small storage unit can help free up space in your home and safely accommodate seasonal gear such as bikes, kayaks, canoes, snowboards, skis, and more.
  5. The garage clean out – If your garage is brimming to the top with toys, equipment, tools, and old baby items that you plan to use in the future, you’ll find that a small storage unit is a great solution. Not only will you have more room to park your vehicles and only keep the items that you’re using currently, but it will make tasks like spring cleaning easier and less overwhelming.
  6. Homeowners looking to downsize – What once was a busy household with kids, a room full of toys, a garage full of sports equipment, and a full home is now an empty nest. You’re likely starting to plan the downsizing process, which can be overwhelming and challenging. There are certain valuable items that hold a lot of memories or things that you can pass down to your grandchildren. Or perhaps you’re looking to move into a small apartment and you don’t have enough storage space for seasonal items like Christmas decorations, gardening tools, and more. In any case, a small storage unit can help.

Small storage units for businesses

  1. Secure off-site file storage – There are many ways a business can benefit from having a small storage unit. Many businesses choose to store their important files and other business items in small units. Dental offices use our small storage units in SE Calgary as we are the only certified Dental Record Self Storage Facility in the city. We can also receive inventory deliveries on your behalf – an extremely convenient service for busy managers and business owners!
  2. For bustling e-commerce businesses – E-commerce is thriving in our digital age and with that comes the task of finding the right fulfillment option. When you store your inventory in one of our small storage units in SE Calgary, we provide business services including labelling and receiving deliveries.
  3. Storing extra inventory – A common reason businesses choose small storage units is to store extra inventory. This allows business owners to grow and scale their company without the high overhead cost of acquiring more office or retail space. Again, businesses benefit from the convenience of having a storage facility that can receive and pack away new inventory deliveries.

Small storage units for big life transitions

Sometimes, life can really throw us a curveball. A divorce or separation, a death in the family, having to close down your business, losing your job or needing to relocate temporarily, and other big life changes can impact us physically and mentally. As a storage facility in SE Calgary, we see people with all kinds of situations and different circumstances and, in many of these cases, a storage unit is not just a place to put things in. It becomes a solution to your constraint, a service that eases the stress, and peace of mind knowing that your valuable and familiar belongings are tucked away safely until you’re ready to retrieve them. Find a local storage location that cares about you and helps you solve your storage needs.

Whether it is for your household and personal storage needs or business needs, self-storage can offer a solution to add space to your life with no hassle. It ensures your items are secure when you are not there, and readily accessible when you need them.

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