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What are self-storage facilities?

Written on: December 16th, 2019

Self-storage facilities are places where people can securely store items if you don’t have room in your home or garage, or you are moving or travelling and need to store your household. Storage facilities have expanded across the country over the past 50 years to meet the unique demands of residential and business customers.

Self-storage clients include people with household items & RV’s, as well as business owners looking for a secure, scalable and economical solution to store items you don’t have room for. Many facilities offer access 5:30 am to 10:30 pm, 365 days per year. 24 hour access is available upon request., for your convenience.

Residential Self Storage
Residential Self Storage

Household storage units

Residential customers use storage for several reasons. You may be moving into a new house that is not ready or you sold your current home and in the interim need to store your entire household. People who live in apartments and condos don’t have a lot of additional storage space but need that extra space for items that you don’t use every day. You could have also decided to make some extra income and turned part of your house into an Air BnB and want to put your valuables in storage.

Life changes such as marriage, divorce or a new addition to your family. Seniors moving out of your long-time residences. Self Storage is the perfect solution to store those extra items until you are ready to decide what items you are going to keep and what items you are going to get rid of, whether donating them or gifting them to your family members.

When your children are ready to move into their own home’s parents like to keep furniture and household items to help them when they move out. Also, students will often leave their home city to attend university. Students typically are in their university city for a minimum of 4 years. However, they often head home for the summer or on studies abroad. Self Storage is a great option when you are in transition.

Sparefoot, an industry expert, estimates that almost 10% of all households use self-storage at some time.

RV Storage bays

Recreational vehicle owners use self-storage to store trailers, motor homes, tent trailers, boats, ATV’s, Quads, and snowmobiles to ensure they are secure. If you don’t have room in your yard or garage to store your toys, self-storage is a secure alternative. Self-storage offers the convenience of being able to access your RV 365 days a year.

Business Storage units

There are many different types of businesses that use self-storage as a cost-effective option to run their business. Business owners may have material, inventory, and equipment that needs to be kept secure. Rather than having to make a long-term commitment to warehouse space, self-storage space can be on a month to month commitment. This means the business owner does not need to make a long-term commitment when getting a business idea off the ground. Business owners also have the separation of home and work so you avoid having employees at your home and increasing traffic upsetting your neighbours.

In the e-commerce world, we now live in, many people have other jobs and are not able to wait at home for packages to be delivered. If you find a self-storage facility that will do receiving it will mean your packages are not sitting on your front step increasing the risk of being stolen. Packages are delivered to an office where a person is available to receive it. Then if you pick and pack your orders to ship to your clients a customer-focused self-storage facility will hold parcels on your behalf until UPS, Loomis, Canada Post or any other courier service comes to pick up your shipment. This means no need for you to take your packages to the couriers. The self-storage facility is open during regular business hours to take care of your receipts and deliveries.

Whether you have extra household items, or you are looking for an economical way to store business items, self-storage provides a secure, economical storage solution. If you pick the right facility it will be clean and offer great customer service. You will have access 365 days a year to your items, and they will be safe and secure.

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