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What is the price and size of a 5’x5’ storage unit?

Written on: November 26th, 2019

Self storage unit
Self storage unit

How much space is in a 5’x5’ self-storage unit?

A 5’x5’ means the storage locker is 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep and, depending on the facility will be up to 8 feet high. A 5’x5’ storage unit is 200 cubic feet in total volume. This would be the equivalent of the size of an en-suite bathroom with a sink and toilet.

If metric is your game, the smallest self-storage unit is 1.5 m x 1.5 m, and up to 2.44 meters high. This is 5.7 cubic meters of storage space.
Small heated 5’x5’ storage units are ideal for seasonal decorations, personal files such as tax returns and important papers, or sports gear. Whether you have a loved one’s special items you can’t part with, or you have downsized and have items you must keep, a heated 5’x5’ self-storage unit is ideal to make sure your items are safe and secure.

How much does a small heated 5’x5’ heated storage unit cost in Calgary?

This is a great question, and the answer is under $110 per month for a heated 5’x5’ storage locker in Calgary. There are facilities in Calgary that charge more than $110/month but you can go to a locally owned self-storage facility in central and SE Calgary and their rates are less than $110/month. It pays to shop around if you are looking for cheap storage, in fact, you can search for cheap storage near me and see who Google Recommends.

The small heated storage lockers come with all the same features a large heated storage unit has, it just costs less.
What to consider when looking for a small 5×5 Self Storage unit:

  • Security – confirm there is a fenced yard, an access system, secured gate, security cameras.
  • Cleanliness – determine if the units are cleaned before a new self-storage customer moves in.
  • Affordable– shop around and find out if you are charged monthly or every 4 weeks, confirm if insurance is mandatory, confirm if there are administrative fees ask how often rental increases occur.
  • Reviews – look at Google, FB, YELP, YP and BBB to see what other customers are saying about the facility. It will give you a good idea if that is where you want to store your valuables.

Business owners that do not want to spend the high price on storing files in the office or they have items they need to have security in a storage locker, rather than in their garage. A small heated 5×5 could be the perfect cheap self-storage solution for a business owner needing more space and part of a disaster recovery plan.

If you have a few items that you need to keep secure but have no room in your house, apartment or condo a small 5×5 heated storage unit is an affordable solution for you.

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