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What’s the Monthly Price of a Storage Unit?

Written on: January 14th, 2020

Shopping for a storage unit can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first time to use self-storage. There are a few different things to consider before making your final decision. It is never fun to get a last-minute surprise about an extra expense you did not anticipate.

Woman Taping Box
Woman Taping Box

To make it simple, asking the following questions should help to ensure you know all the costs before you make a final commitment:

What is the price of a self-storage unit?

Ask the price for the size of the unit you need.

Are there any administrative fees?

Ask if there are any administrative fees or additional fees that are not part of the price. Some self-storage facilities will charge a one-time admin fee when you rent.

Are the fees monthly or weekly?

Determine if the storage facility charges you by the month or every four weeks. If the self-storage facility charges every four weeks, it means you will pay one extra payment per year or about an 8% premium over a calendar month payment. A low posted rate may not be the lowest rate for the unit you need.

What are the insurance options for a storage unit?

Find out if the self-storage facility offers insurance, and if so, is it mandatory? This can add as much as an extra $20/month, depending on coverage levels, for something that may already be covered by your home or apartment insurance.

However, it is always a good idea to make sure you have insurance coverage especially if you are travelling and no longer have a homeowner’s policy. Check out onsite insurance options as they provide you peace of mind. Read your self-storage contract very carefully as Self Storage facilities generally do not cover your contents under any of their insurance coverage.

Does the storage facility offer a price guarantee?

Ask if the storage facility has a one-year price guarantee? Some self-storage facilities will get customers in at a low rate and then increase the rental rate every few months.

What is the proximity to the storage facility?

Determine where the unit is in the facility. Cheaper units tend to be on the upper floors in multi-level faculties. You will need to move your possessions greater distances, upstairs or elevators than you would if the unit is ground level. This all is a matter of perspective, what is your priority, convenience or cost? if your storage unit is on the ground level. This is much more convenient than being stuck in the back corner on the third level.

Is there any cheap storage near me?

Ask Google who has cheap storage near me, and it will provide options. Other items that you may want to consider that are more difficult to put a hard cost to.

Is the storage unit clean?

Do you care how clean your unit is when you move in? Some self-storage facilities hand-clean their units before you move in. However other facilities have likely never cleaned their storage lockers in some time.

How secure is a storage unit?

How secure is the facility? Is it important to you that your items being stored are secure? If so, you will want to ask if the storage yard is fenced, how do you access the facility, do they have security cameras? If your unit is unheated is the roof structure insulated? If not your possessions could be subject to condensation dripping from the ceiling.

Does the storage facility have good customer service?

When you contact the storage facility are you dealing with onsite staff or a call center? Do the staff know the specifics of the facility you will be placing your possessions at? Are the staff helpful and friendly? Helpful staff can save you money by offering advice on how to organize items, so it takes less space. This could result in a cheaper storage solution.

Are you supporting a local business? Keep in mind local businesses reinvest close to 70% of the income they generate back into the local economy.

Check out the storage unit reviews

If you want to know from independent sources what the facility and staff are like to check out Google Reviews from past and current customers. This is the best way to determine what other customer experience so you know how real storage customers are treated.

You will want to determine if it is all about the price or does a clean and secure factor into your decision. Storage units can range from under $100 for small heated storage units, and the price increases based on the size and heated or unheated.

To answer the question, “How much does a storage unit cost?”, can only be answered once you determine how much space you need and what you decide to add on.

Once you know what your storage needs are, and you go through your checklist you will be able to determine exactly what the cost of your storage unit is.

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