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7 key reasons businesses use self-storage

Written on: April 7th, 2022

There are many reasons businesses use self-storage in Calgary. In this article, we focus on the top 7 Reasons businesses use self-storage for materials, supplies, inventory, files, and equipment storage.

Allows for a short-term commitment

With so much uncertainty in recent months, who wants to commit to a long-term lease? Self-storage in SE Calgary allows terms as short as one month. If you are just starting out, growing out of space at home, or you do not want to make a long-term commitment to a warehouse space, self-storage is ideal. Self-storage allows you to have a month-to-month contract.

Provides security for important items

You can feel confident that your merchandise, inventory, materials, supplies, and equipment are secure with the right security in place. Look for a self-storage facility in Calgary with strong security features. It is best if the yard is fully fenced and can only be accessed with a security card or code. Also, a self-storage facility with 24-hour CCTV cameras and security patrols is an added level of security. With someone on-site during the day, there is tight control on who has access to the facility.

Self-storage for businesses is flexible

Self-storage will let you grow and shrink as you need if your inventory changes. Many times, you will need the same space but if you receive a big shipment of merchandise or product, you may need extra space during busy times and less space in the off-season. Self-storage can accommodate the changes to space very easily, meaning you are only paying for the space you need.

Fits your budget

Self-storage is affordable because you are only paying for the space you need. If you need a little space, you can rent a 5×5 storage unit but if you need a big space, you can rent a 10×30 storage unit. Of course, there are small, medium, and large sizes of storage lockers available.

Can be accessed 365 days a year

Growing businesses and busy entrepreneurs need access to their merchandise and materials on a flexible schedule. This can mean weekend and evening work. Self-storage is ideal because if you pick the best self-storage in SE Calgary, they will offer access 365 days/year.

No commingling

We know you have a lot invested in your inventory and your business venture. With self-storage, you do not have to worry about others seeing your inventory or potentially stealing your idea. Your products are securely stored in your own locker, and no one knows what is behind the door.

It can be a part of your disaster recovery plan

Storing records offsite from your business is good protection in case of a natural disaster. It ensures your records are stored separately from your offices. There is even self-storage in SE Calgary that is approved for Dental Record storage. Self-storage is an affordable solution to get files out of your expensive office space to free up offices as people return to work.

In summary, there are numerous reasons for you to consider using self-storage for your business needs. It allows the ultimate flexibility while letting you focus on growing your business. It offers a secure and affordable solution, whether you are storing files, merchandise, materials, supplies, or equipment. Look for local self-storage in SE Calgary if you want great service.

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