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Ecommerce Fulfillment Calgary

Storage and shipping solutions for ecommerce stores.

Ecommerce and Fulfillment Service Offerings

We have space for you if you have an online store and looking for a cost-effective, secure place to fulfill your orders.  Not only do we receive your shipments, we securely store your merchandise without commingling it with other vendors.  We offer labelling and relabeling services; as well as repackaging services.  You can fill your orders manually or we can fill them for you. Shipping is through all the main delivery services directly on your own account with no mark-up and can go directly to your client or Amazon.  The choice is yours, you can be hands-on or leave it to us.  Grow and shrink your space requirements as needed and there is no premium charged during the Amazon busy season from October to December.  Our fees are the same no matter what month of the year.


We receive your packages Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Merchandise will be placed in your secure storage locker or warehouse unit until you are ready to process the items. The product is not commingled with any other suppliers.  While you are outgrowing your business and meeting with clients we can accept your deliveries.  We can accept boxes and pallets so you have peace of mind your items have arrived safely and are securely stored until you are ready to process your orders.

Store Merchandise

Alberta Storage Place offers storage for a few boxes or enough to fill a warehouse.  This can be on a month-to-month basis or on a long-term basis.  Our sizes range from 200 cubic feet to 46,000 cubic feet, and lots of options in the middle.  Whether you are looking for a small, medium, or large storage units we have the space for you at an affordable price.

Your product is in your own secure space that no one else has access to and it is not commingled.  This is ideal if you do not want anyone else to steal your idea or your product.  There is no risk of your product and merchandise going missing because you are the only person with access.  The best feature is your price does not increase during your busy season, it stays at the same low price all season.

Labeling and Relabeling

Whether you are shipping to Amazon (FBA) on an as-needed basis or shipping directly to customers, there is a significant amount of labelling and relabeling required.  In the case of Amazon, they have specific labelling requirements and if it is not done to their standards you can be faced with extra costs and delayed shipping.  There are “Made in Canada” labels and other important consumer labelling required that is time-consuming.  We have on-site the ability to do all your labelling and relabeling services at a cost-effective rate.

Order Fulfillment

Having flexibility for your order fulfilment is critical.  You need to determine if you want to manually fill your orders or if you want to hire someone to fill your orders.  We offer you the most flexibility in determining how you want to do your order fulfillment to meet your business goals. This means you can be anywhere and have your product orders fulfilled by our staff, your staff or you.

Shipping and Delivery

The key to a successful E-commerce business is getting your merchandise to the end-user, your customer.  You determine how you want to get your packages to your customers and then sit back while the packages are picked up by the major delivery services. We have Canada Post and all the major couriers regularly at our facility for pickup and delivery.  You determine the schedule and it can be arranged.  You determine how you want to send packages to your customer.  As long as you have an account, we can get your products out to your customers usually the next business day.

The success of your E-Business relies more on the supply chain than the product.  It is about receiving and storing inventory, processing orders, then pick, pack and shipping solutions to get those items to the customer’s destination.  You need eshipper solutions that allow your business to grow at a cost-effective price to ensure your success.  Having a trusted 3PL logistics partner provides you with the security of your product is properly received.  Whether you are setting up a side gig or have an established online presence, Alberta Storage Place is the secret weapon you need for your small parcel fulfillment.  Think of us as your second closet.  Best of all, you can be anywhere in the world and service your North American customers from our facility.  Calgary Alberta Canada is a major distribution hub.  There is no space too big or too small to meet your E-Commerce fulfillment needs.  Who thought you could find a self-storage facility that is much more than storage!

We are here to support small business and want you to thrive!

  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective
  • Secure
  • Convenient

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