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Commercial Vehicle Storage

Secure commercial vehicle storage.

Commercial Vehicle Storage

Our facility is secure with card key access, ideal for commercial vehicle storage.

Alberta Storage Place has a fenced, secure yard that is ideal for storing commercial vehicles. Not only is the facility secure, we are conveniently located in Calgary.

We have a limited number of power plug-in spots for commercial vehicles. This is important if you need to keep your equipment charged, or if you need to ensure your vehicle starts on those harsh winter days.

Business owners watch out for other business owners. Our facility is like a community where people keep an eye out for each other. We like to think of it as family.

We have the following security features:
  • Fenced Yard
  • Gate with card key access
  • Security Patrols
  • Surveillance cameras
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Commercial Vehicle Story

I want to share a story about a client that will resonate with business owners.

We have a client storing all his commercial vehicles with us. The vehicles are key to him delivering his daily service. He decided he could reduce his costs and make extra money if he moved into his own yard. Within 6 months he called us desperate to get four commercial vehicle spots immediately. His first words were, “Leaving was the dumbest decision I ever made.

He went to get his vehicles organized and ready for the day… When he arrived, he was greeted with all the batteries missing and the vehicles had been vandalized. Not only did he have an extensive bill to replace all the commercial batteries, he lost a full day’s work for four trucks. Not to mention, his employees had no work for the day; therefore, everyone lost a day’s pay. This resulted in unhappy customers, employees, and the business owner. No one was a winner the day this occurred.

It was a bit of work to make room for them, as our commercial vehicle storage is in high demand. We were very glad to have them back and the fact the first call he made was to Alberta Storage Place, this is a testament of the business relationship we build with all our business clients. The business owner told us he will not be leaving, as long as he owns the business.

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